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Showing 1 - 24 of 42 products
Notched Straight Edge for GuitarNotched Straight Edge for Guitar
Fret Slotting Saw with Depth Stop AttachedCrimson 10" Fret Slotting Saw without Depth Stop
Fine 10" Guitar Fret Slotting Saw
Sale priceFrom $11.00
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Straight Edge for GuitarStraight Edge for Guitar
Straight Edge for Guitar
Sale price$48.00
Precision ProtractorPrecision Protractor Details
Precision Protractor
Sale price$42.00
18 Blade Feeler Gauge Set in Wooden Handle0;04 - 0.80 mm - 18 Blades
Luthiers Feeler Gauge Set
Sale price$31.00
String Spacing RulerString Spacing Ruler
String Spacing Ruler
Sale price$22.00
Full View Fret Spacing Ruler with 4 Scale Lengths in 1 Full View Fret Spacing Ruler with 4 Scale Lengths in 1
Bradawl - full viewBradawl - close up
Bradawl Marking Tool
Sale price$17.00
Set 9 Under String Radius Gauge - Guitar
Under-string Radius Gauges
Sale price$27.00
String Action Gauge - MetricString Action Gauge - Metric
String Action Gauge (Metric)
Sale price$20.00
Bass Notched Straight Edge
Bass Notched Straight Edge
Sale price$75.00
Fret Slot Depth TesterFret Slot Depth Tester
Fret Slot Depth Tester
Sale price$9.00
Wheel Marking GaugeWheel Marking Gauge
Wheel Marking Gauge
Sale price$33.00
Precision Centre Ruler 150mmPrecision Centre Ruler 150mm
Precision Centre Ruler 150mm
Sale price$12.00
Fret Slot Marking Ruler (25.5" Fender/25" PRS)Fret Slot Marking Ruler (25.5" Fender/25" PRS) - 25" scale
String Action Gauge - ImperialString Action Gauge - Imperial
String Action Gauge (Inch)
Sale price$20.00
Precision Centre Ruler 300mmPrecision Centre Ruler 300mm
Precision Centre Ruler 300mm
Sale price$19.00
Multi-Purpose Sanding StickMulti-Purpose Sanding Stick
Multi-Purpose Sanding Stick
Sale priceFrom $17.00
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Marking Out SquareMarking Out Square - Details
Marking Out Square - 100mm
Sale price$22.00
Over String Radius GaugesOver String Radius Gauge - Narrow 1 of 2
Essential Fret Levelling and Dressing ToolkitSet 3 Fret Rubbers Fine, Super Fine, Medium
Fret Slotting Mitre BoxFret Slotting Mitre Box with 10" Slotting Saw
Fret Slotting Mitre Box
Sale priceFrom $195.00
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Starter Toolkit for Luthiers - Fretting Hammer, Std. Neck Rest, Levelling Beam, Notched Straight Edge, Set 4 Fret Rubbers, Crowning File, Fret End Dressing File, Fret RockerClose Up - Fretting Hammer
Starter Toolkit for Luthiers
Sale priceFrom $209.00
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