Visiting Crimson Guitars 

We are always happy to meet new people and give tours of the Workshops and Student facilities, however, these visits should be arranged in advance.

Please contact us and arrange an appointment.

How do I use the Crimson finishing oils?

The recommendation is to use 2 of our products. Start with the Penetrating Finishing Oil and then move on to the High Build Finishing Oil.

Before the first application sand the surface to 320 grit.

Begin with 5 or 6 coats of penetrating oil following the directions below:

  • Apply the first coats liberally and allow them to soak into the wood for 2 minutes or more. 
  • Buff off completely until it is touch dry.  Once this is done leave for 5 minutes and wipe again with dry tissue as the oil will bleed out of the wood as it soaks in.
  • Do this 2 or 3 times the first day. 
  • Leave to thoroughly dry between coats, then buff back completely until it is touch dry before applying another coat.

The next coats will need to be left a couple days between applications in a dry, warm environment. 

The curing time will differ according to temperature and humidity.  A cold outside shed or garage will slow down the process.

After that, use the same process with the high build until you get the finish you are after.

PLEASE NOTE:  If the oil is applied too quickly and previous coats are not completely dry, subsequent coats will remain sticky to the touch. 

You may find this dries over time but this is unlikely.  The best course is to completely strip the finish off and start afresh - unfortunately!


How do I use Crimson Grain Enhancing Filler?

  • Apply to prepared wood that has been sanded up to 240 grit to remove all scratches.
  • Apply multiple layers to fill the grain leaving a couple of minutes between layers.
  • Sand with 240 grit until the desired effect is reached enhancing and colouring any woodgrain.
  • Finish with our fully compatible Crimson Guitars Finishing Oil 

If you are applying the grain filler over stain:

  • Stain, grain fill, and wipe excess grain filler across the grain while it is wet
  • Once dry sand lightly if needed
  • Stain again
  • The stain should wipe off the grain filler if lightly buffed with tissue or soft cloth once applied


How do I achieve a matte finish using Crimson Guitars Finishing Products?

Begin by Using one of the following finishes:

  • Penetrating Guitar Finishing Oil
  • Water Based Guitar Finishing Oil
  • Water Based Wipe On Guitar Finishing Lacquer

  • Start by applying one or two coats of the finish of your choice.
  • Allow to fully dry/cure between coats and do not buff back too much,.
  • Once fully dry - Sand lightly between coats if necessary. 
  • Follow by a couple more coats until you achieve the shine that you are after, lightly sand and buff back.
  • Leave to fully dry.

What is the difference between the Spirit Based Stains and the Water Based Stains? 

Spirit Based Stains give a deeper, richer colour but they do not blend as well because the spirit evaporates more quickly.  Can be diluted with acetone or lacquer thinners. 

Water Based Stains are easier to blend, using a wet cloth or workshop tissue, as they take longer to dry.  Can be diluted with water.  You can also mix colours together to get different shades.

These stains are compatible and beautiful effects can be achieved by blending them together.


  • Spirit based stains can only be diluted with white spirit
  • Spirit based stains do not blend (blur) as easily as water based because the spirit stains dry much more quickly
  • Spirit based and water based stains can be used one over the other and blended


Is it necessary to use a sanding sealer after staining and before applying lacquer or oil finish?

There is no need to use sanding sealer between the stain and the lacquer. 

Sanding sealer, if you would want to use it, would be used before any stain is applied, directly to the sanded instrument as a seal between the bare wood and the stain..


How do I dilute my Stunning Stain Shots?

The Shots are water based so can be diluted with water although we have had a review from a customer who used lacquer thinners.  We don’t recommend that as the spirit based stain is much more difficult to blend due to the fact that is dries much more quickly.  Ben uses water to dilute and blend. 

You can either drop the stain directly onto the area you want to stain, spray with a little water, and immediately spread it or you can add a few drops to a small amount of water.

Start with about a tablespoon of water and add 4 to 5 drops to begin with.  Test on a small piece of scrap wood, (bearing in mind that the stains colour differently on different woods), until you achieve the colour you want.


What is the shelf-life of my Stunning Stains?

You have a one year shelf life from when you open and begin using your Stunning Stain, whether it is the Water Based, Spirit Based, or the Pastel or Vibrant Stains,