• Custom LP inspired Single Cut Shape
  • Solid Body Construction in Highly figured Pomelle Sapele matching the Fretboard
  • Multi-laminate Rosewood and Flamed Sycamore Neck with CURVED joint
  • Hand Carved Flamed Sycamore Alien Exoskeleton hugging the body and the headstock
  • Flamed Sycamore Over-edge Backplate
  • Bespoke Crimson Guitars Classic Hooker Neck Humbucker
  • Master Volume Control
  • Gotoh tunematic bridge & Tailpiece
  • Shertler Open Gear Tuners
  • Hand Cut Bone Nut



There are some projects where the artist almost immediately regrets even having the idea, and this is one of those, Crimson's founder and master luthier Ben Crowe built a guitar in a single 9 hour stretch using part of a spectacular piece of Quilted Sapele and during that video, in the heat of the moment, he suggested that it might be fun to make another guitar but spread that build out over something more like 90 hours.. in the end the build clocked in at more like 120 hours of solid work, predominantly carving and sanding the exoskeletons. 

This guitar is one of very few that Crimson has ever built almost entirely to be looked at rather than played, and one of the videos of this build has had nearly 3 million views to date, we do prefer building guitars to play though so don't expect another!  You can visit the '90 Hour Build' Complication Guitar at the Dorset Guitar Museum in Crimson's HQ outside Dorchester in the UK.

The following 2 videos are the Super Edits following the full process of building this guitar and they are well worth a watch.


The Crimson Guitars Custom Shop is a small team of luthiers under Master Luthier Ben Crowe and the order books are open for any guitar that you can dream of. Please Get In Touch for your personal design consultation.