1 Day Guitar Maintenance / Repair Course

1 Day Guitar Maintenance / Repair Course

£231.25 GBP £250.00 GBP


An intensive one day course covering the general maintenance and care of guitars

Covid-19 Update

Courses will be put on hold until it is safe for schools to open again.

We are planning to begin courses again in September, unless advised otherwise.  We are still taking bookings for 2021 onwards and if you have any questions please email office@crimsonguitars.com


This includes truss rod adjustments, setting the saddle heights, cutting nut slots to the correct depth, setting pickup clearance, intonation, fret polishing, restringing and cleaning the instrument.

This is a fantastic option for people looking to learn how to keep their own instruments in top playing condition or those builders starting out who don’t have the experience to set-up a finished build in the perfect playing, saleable condition necessary in the modern market.

Learn these skills in a fully outfitted workshop with an experienced instructor and training assistant guiding you through each and every process.  We are there to answer all of your questions and ensure you leave with all of the knowledge needed to repeat the procedures covered on any instrument.

Your day will begin at 9 am with coffee/tea and lunch breaks, and end at 5 pm.  There are local shops and pubs within a 10-minute drive of Crimson Guitars though most students bring a packed lunch.

With our studio based in the picturesque rolling fields of Dorset, close to the town of Dorchester, take this opportunity to combine a unique experience with a refreshing holiday.

Guitar parts, hardware, electronics and timber available on request.

A Student Questionnaire will be downloadable on purchase.  Please fill this in and email it to office@crimsonguitars.com.  This questionnaire is simply to tell the instructor of your woodworking experience so that the course can be catered to each student.

Please get in touch for more information and to let us know how we can help you be the best guitar maker you can be.

Check out our YouTube channel for more videos on how to get the most out of your Crimson Guitars precision hand tools as well as a myriad of guitar building tutorials and demo videos.

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