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Luthiers Supplies from Crimson Guitars in the UK.

Crimson Guitars are building up the luthiers supplies offering from full-scale guitar plans to engravers wax, guitar finishing oil, and even glue. All you need to build your own guitar, including various fretboard blanks and book-matched guitar tops for flat, drop and carved tops.

Stunning Stains
From £5.45 GBP - £59.45 GBP
Stunning Stains Shots
From £4.95 GBP - £54.45 GBP
Stunning Spirit Stains
From £10.55 GBP - £116.05 GBP
Inlay Powder
From £2.95 GBP - £19.95 GBP
Grain Enhancing Filler
From £9.95 GBP - £25.95 GBP
Stock incoming
Alcolin Wood Glue
From £9.50 GBP - £26.95 GBP
Leather Strap Button Felts
From £0.95 GBP - £19.95 GBP
Stock incoming
GOTOH SGL510Z-MGT Locking Tuners
From £105.00 GBP - £120.00 GBP
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