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Hofner Repair Ben Workbench

No matter the value of your instrument, we take on all manner of maintenance and repairs, ranging from setups, hardware/electronic changes and fretwork; all the way up to broken headstocks, neck resets, and full refinishes. Please contact us via email with pictures of the instrument and the work required, and we will be in contact with a quote.

For standard maintenance, please see our pricing below.

Specialist Setup - £60

Setup includes setting the relief , bridge saddle height, nut height and intonation . The fretboard will be cleaned and oiled with our in house cleaner and restorative

Taylor Solid Body Set-up


Fret Level Crown and Polish - from £150

If your frets are buzzing this is the first port of call with a fretlevel and dress we will make your frets better than new . If your frets have substantial wear we may recomend a full refret


Refret with level crown and polish - from £275

If your frets are worn beyond repair don't ' fret ' we can replace them with a size and material of your choosing and get your guitar playing smoother than you've ever experienced.


Nut replacement - from £35

We will replace your original nut with a material of your choosing from bone, graphite, brass to even stainless steel.

Nut Replacement mini banner

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