Fret Levelling File

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Fret Levelling File
  • Precision UK made Fret Levelling File tools made as standard with an ergonomic ash handle.  The 6.25" long files are smooth cut and single cut and thus do not create any 'chatter' as you level your frets.  The edges of each file are precision ground as standard to allow the tool to be used as a preliminary fret crowning file.
    • Handmade in the UK
    • ash handles
    • 6.25" long Japanese made single cut file
    • Smooth cut for a fine finish
    • Perfect on stainless steel frets
    • Ground edges for preliminary fret crowning
    • Ergonomic handle hand carved in the UK
    • Our 1" wide 6.25" long files are made for precise fret levelling across the whole fretboard.
  • The timber handles are hand-lapped on a precision grinding plate for absolute straightness and are completed with hard-wearing melamine.
  • As these tools are handmade, we can not guarantee that the wood used will be the same as it appears in the images.

Fret Levelling Files are the quick and easy way to get a perfectly level set of frets no matter what the radius of the fretboard on which you are working.  Many new guitars, such as those built here at Crimson, have compound radii which provide better playability. Often vintage guitars which have had their frets levelled more than once may ultimately end up with a non-standard radius.

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for video tutorials on how to effectively use this tool.  Coming soon.

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