Dual Diamond Tool Polishing/Sharpening Set - 2-in-4 Grits

Grit Type: #400 - #1000
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The Dual Diamond Polishing/Sharpening Set

  • The diamond coating provides a high-efficiency sharpening process for many tools and has a myriad of other uses in luthiery.
  • When sharpening dull tools please use the 150# to 400# grit first. After that use the 600# and 1000# grit for fine sharpening.
  • Comes as a set of 2 double-sided diamond sanders with one housing 400# and 1000# the other 150# and 600#
  • This tool can be used for fret end bevelling as well as sharpening a range of tools

See our YouTube channel for more videos on how to get the most out of your new Crimson Guitars tool as well as a myriad of guitar building tutorials and demo videos.

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