3 Month Guitar Building Course

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3 Month/12 Week Guitar Building Course under the tutelage of experienced luthiers at Crimson Guitars in the UK

Upcoming Course Dates;
  • 3rd June - 23rd August 2024
  • 16th September - 6th December 2024

    This course is designed to meet the needs of dedicated students who wish to learn all the skills necessary to start building instruments for a living or as a serious hobby.  This is an opportunity to gain all of those skills potential employers are looking for in a new Luthier.

  Our experienced Team will guide you through every step and you will learn the myriad of skills that go into building a guitar.  By the end of your time at Crimson you will leave with not just finished instruments, but all the knowledge needed to continue your journey into the art of lutherie.

   Students will aim to build three instruments during their time at Crimson.

  1. Flat top, flat headstock, bolt-on neck. A fairly basic guitar or bass design without much complication.
  2. Carved top, angled headstock, set neck. A more complex guitar or bass to build upon techniques learned in the first build.
  3. Totally bespoke, unique instrument taking and building again upon everything learned in your previous builds. This is where we push you to consider more advanced techniques and features and build a real show-stopper.

       The aim is to complete three builds which would encompass the widest range of techniques possible.  

    Course itinerary

    • Weeks one and two - Health and safety, tool and machinery use, basic joinery. Build a basic flat top instrument perhaps inspired by a t-style, going over each element carefully to ensure retention and comprehension.

    • Weeks three through six – Build your second instrument, learn new techniques, and perfect methods learned in the previous 2 weeks. We recommend something like a single cut style as a base for this build.

    • Weeks Seven through Twelve - Build your bespoke instrument. Take the skills learned during the previous two guitars and perfect them while learning some advanced construction and design techniques.

        Your days with us will begin at 9 am with coffee/tea and lunch breaks, and end at 5 pm. You are welcome to come in up to 15 minutes before the day begins, but we cannot let students into the workshop before 8:45 due to health and safety reasons.

       *Timber and hardware can be purchased through us at an additional cost to the course.  You may of course choose to bring your own materials and hardware if you wish. You will be provided with a Specification sheet for a quote and to confirm that you will be bringing the correct materials upon purchase of the course. 

        As a student, you will be eligible for an on-course tool discount.  This discount will be redeemable against Crimson Guitars Tools and The Vintage Tool Shop.  If you wish to use this discount before your course, please let us know and we will ensure your new tools are ready and waiting for you on your bench.

        We run courses throughout the year. Please contact our Team for more information about available dates and to schedule your Free Course Consultation.  One of our Luthiers will get in touch to discuss the specifications for your dream build so that we can make sure that you will get the most out of your course.

        Unlike many "schools", all our teachers have extensive experience working in Crimson Guitars busy Custom Guitar Building and Repair Studio under Master Luthier Ben Crowe.

       While there are local shops and pubs within a 10-minute drive of Crimson Guitars, most students bring a packed lunch, and this is what we recommend.

       With our studio based in the picturesque rolling fields of Dorset, close to the town of Dorchester, take this opportunity to combine a unique experience with a refreshing holiday. 

       Should you require accommodation during your course we have a dedicated booking agent who, for a small fee, will be able to help you.


        Please get in touch for more information and to let us know how we can help you be the best Guitar Maker you can be.


       Check out our YouTube channel for more videos of guitar-building tutorials and demo videos.

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