The Blueberry 'JAM' Jar Amp

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The Blueberry 'JAM' Jar Amp

The 'JAM' Jar is a high gain small amp, that will power any external cabinet up to 16ohms including a 4x12.

This amp is a cleaner and more powerful version of the Original ‘JAM’ Jar Amp with a bit of grit at full volume. As you turn down the volume on your Instrument (which is essentially the volume for the amp) it will clean up the sound.

Each Jar’s output will power any external cabinet including a 4×12, but can also be plugged into the input of an amp.

"What I love about the 'JAM' Jar Amp is the attention to detail, right down to the 'ingredients label', they're just amazing." - Ben Crowe

It can also be plugged into the input of an amp and used as an overdrive!

**Warning this also makes your amp very loud**


  • Wattage 1.25 watt
  • Speaker 66mm 2.5" 8ohm
  • Input 1x 1/4" Jack
  • Output 1x 1/4" Jack
  • Impedance 4-16 ohm
  • Weight 400g
  • Dimensions 80x80x80mm
  • Power 9V

The 'JAM' Jar website:


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