Fret Finishing File

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Fret Finishing File

This Fret End Finishing File is perfect for final finishing work on frets. 

This tool is used by all of our luthiers and is highly recommended by them if you are wanting perfect fret ends. It makes light of the final dressing process and will save time in sanding.


  • Superfine cut teeth.
  • 1 flat smooth side for finishing bottoms of frets.
  • 1 safety edge with rounded over teeth to protect the fretboard when finishing the round over.
  • Wooden handle made in UK.

    The teeth of the Fret End Dressing File are much finer than the Traditional Crowning File as this tool is designed to get right up close to the fretboard as you dress the fret ends perfectly.  Two sides of the file are ground smooth and polished and then one edge is slightly rounded over and ground ‘safe’ so you can angle the file without worrying about damaging your fretboard.  The other side is left with teeth right up to the square edge so that you can file away the last little nib of fret end that always stays behind when using other tools.



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