Over-string Radius Gauges

Over-string Radius Gauges

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Some of the most common questions we have are to do with shaping your guitar neck or fretboard.

With our new Fretboard Radius Gauges, you no longer need to 'eyeball' the curve of your fretboard or frets.  With a quick visual check, while you work, you can be confident with the shape of your fretboard and avoid nasty accidents.  Now with notches so that you can quickly check your radius without needing to remove the strings.  

This Set of 4 Radius Gauges comes with narrow and wide notches to comfortably fit over the strings both near the nut and near the guitar body.

  • Buy as a set of 4 to cover all sizes
  • UK made
  • Precision engineered stainless steel, 0.6mm thick
  • Come with 7.25", 9.5", 10", 12", 14", 15", 16" and 20" radii
  • notches are narrow: 4mm apart for the nut end of the fretboard and wide: 5.5mm apart for down by the pickups
  • Work with fretboards up to 3.25" (83mm) wide

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