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Stunning Stains Shots are concentrated and designed to be diluted with water to give you a variety of shades.

These pigments can also be used to create a wide range of intensities - from bright colour to lighter, pastel hues.

10ml (dropper) bottles of concentrated Stunning Stain pigments.



We advise that you always test the colour on a piece of scrap wood before applying it to your project. 

Please note that the stain samples in our photographs were applied to prepared blanks of Flamed Maple and that the colours you achieve will depend entirely on the wood to which you are applying the stain.


Please note, these are highly concentrated, we highly recommend that they are diluted (at least a little) before they are applied to wood as they are prone to bleeding on an oil finish.

Please download the safety information & usage guides PDF after purchase.

Please Note: Our stains are also sold ready-mixed in 150ml bottles.

Stunning Stains - and 

Stunning Spirit Stains -

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