Traditional Fret Crowning 3-Corner File

Traditional Fret Crowning 3-Corner File

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The 200mm long Traditional Triangular Fret Dressing File that has been precision ground for guitar fret crowning or profiling work.

  • quality smooth cut file 11mm wide
  • 150mm long with a 130mm working length
  • 3-square file
  • precision ground safe edges
  • custom, ergonomic 60mm handle
  • made in the UK
    Our fret crowning files are the traditional tool for profiling frets after a fret levelling job and come with a custom, ergonomic 60mm handle.  All three corners of the file have been precision ground to create a safe edge that will not damage your fretboard as you work (although we do recommend masking off your fretboard in any case).

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