Inlay Powder

Inlay Powder

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Inlay Powders of various materials.

Inlay Powders of various materials are very versatile.

They come in 1.5ml Tubes, small looking, but a little goes a long way.  The Brass, Bronze, and Copper are up to 10g each and Aluminium, Carbon Black and Gun Metal Grey powders are up to 5g each.

For such small quantities, these powders can go a long way.  Use them simply to create complimentary outlines around an inlay to enhance the design.  Or mix the powder with a super glue to completely fill an inlay cavity and sand it down once it is cured, as you would any inlay.

These powders can simplify an overly complicated inlay design.  You just need to carve out the inlay cavity, rather than trying to cut the design using delicate shell or other material.

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