Fretboard Cleaner and Restorative Set

Fretboard Cleaner and Restorative Set

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This set is made up of one 50ml bottle of each of the Cleaner and Restorative.


  • The Restorative is a blend of medicinal grade natural oils, gentle on both your fretboard and your hands.
  • The Cleaner is based on a vintage recipe used for over 3 centuries to clean stringed instruments of the highest quality.
  • Both products are free of abrasives and with zero silicone or petroleum products.
  • Our restorative lotion has a blend of medical grade natural oils perfected for our Luthiers over years.
  • Shipped and stored in Aluminium screw cap or spray cap bottles.  For optimum shelf life please do not decant into any other containers.

How to use:

  • Use the Cleaner before you use the Restorative oil.  Spray the Cleaner directly onto your fretboard (a little goes a long way) and spread along the fretboard with a soft cloth or strong tissue paper.  Wipe away the excess until your fretboard is touch dry.
  • This Cleaner is gentle and safe to use on your guitar body finish, tuners and control knobs.  Just keep it away from delicate electronics.
  • Our Restorative is made using only the best natural oils and is very gentle on your hands.
  • Both products are 100% free of abrasives and contain absolutely no silicone or petroleum components.
  • Apply the Restorative with a soft cloth or strong tissue paper.  Cover the entire fretboard and leave for 5 minutes to soak in.  Reapply as needed if the wood appears dry in places.  Once the fretboard is saturated, wipe away the excess with a soft, clean cloth or tissue paper.  Polish the fretboard until touch dry.
  • This product is non-flammable, but please dispose of used cloth carefully.

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