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Showing 25 - 44 of 44 products
Precision ProtractorPrecision Protractor Details
Precision Protractor
Sale price£29.95 GBP
3" Spot Levelling File3" Spot Levelling File
3" Spot Levelling File
Sale price£29.95 GBP
Notched Straight Edge for Bass Scale LengthsNotched Straight Edge for Bass Scale Lengths
Sanding BlockSanding Block
Sanding Block
Sale priceFrom £4.95 GBP
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Essential Fret Levelling and Dressing ToolkitEssential Fret Levelling and Dressing Toolkit
Fret Slot Depth TesterFret Slot Depth Tester
Fret Slot Depth Tester
Sale price£7.00 GBP
Fretboard Levelling FileFretboard Levelling File
Fretboard Levelling File
Sale price£32.95 GBP
Starter Toolkit for LuthiersStarter Toolkit for Luthiers
Starter Toolkit for Luthiers
Sale priceFrom £194.00 GBP
Compact Fret Bending JigCompact Fret Bending Jig Front
Cabinet Scraper Set - Five Miniature ScrapersCabinet Scraper Set - Five Miniature Scrapers
Fret Slot Cleaning SawFret Slot Cleaning Saw
Fret Slot Cleaning Saw
Sale price£24.95 GBP
Premium Fret Bending JigPremium Fret Bending Jig
Premium Fret Bending Jig
Sale price£159.95 GBP
Fret Slot Marking Ruler (25.5" Fender/25" PRS)Fret Slot Marking Ruler (25.5" Fender/25" PRS)
Precision Fret SetterPrecision Fret Setter
Precision Fret Setter
Sale price£29.95 GBP
Over String Radius GaugesOver String Radius Gauge - Narrow 1 of 2
Over-String Radius Gauges - Set of 4
Sale price£39.95 GBP
Fret Slot Marking Ruler ( Gibson 24.75″/ Gibson 24.625″)Fret Slot Marking Ruler ( Gibson 24.75″/ Gibson 24.625″)
Adhesive Backed Sandpaper (5m)
Adhesive Backed Sandpaper (5m)
Sale price£8.50 GBP
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Under String Radius Gauge - Bass
Under-string Radius Gauges for Bass
Sale price£33.95 GBP
Fret Bending Miter BoxFret Slotting Miter Box with 10" Slotting Saw
Fret Slotting Mitre Box
Sale priceFrom £165.00 GBP

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