Penetrating Oil and Renaissance Wax

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Penetrating Oil and Renaissance Wax

Great to use together, simply apply the Penetrating Oil, what 24hrs and then apply the Renaissance Wax. Includes 1x 150ml bottle of Penetrating Oil and 1x 65ml tub of Reniassance Wax. 


Penetrating Oil

This is the perfect product to give your guitar a natural-looking finish.  

This oil can give a matte or gloss finish depending on the number of applications.  It penetrates the wood well, dries quickly, is water-resistant, and will not change colour or crack with age.

Directions for Use:

Apply the initial coat to finely sanded wood, at least, 240 grit.  Apply with a brush, soft cloth, or rub in with 1200 grit wet and dry paper.  Leave to cure for 5 to 10 minutes, or until sticky.  Rub off the excess with a clean cloth and leave to cure completely before applying the next coat.


Renaissance Wax

This wax should be applied thinly and will leave a glass clear surface with no discolouration of either the wax or the underlying surface. Buff gently. Renaissance Wax is pH neutral so will not damage sensitive surfaces. Delicately enhances the grain and flame in wood. 

Renaissance Wax is manufactured by Picreator of London in a special seamless aluminium container, ensuring the wax will remain in perfect condition long after other polishes have hardened and become useless.

Renaissance Wax can be used on top of a lacquer as an additional protective layer, the wax will protect the lacquer from damage (particularly when the surface is exposed to the elements) and can be easily taken off and reapplied as needed to keep the finish looking bright.


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