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A Bradawl is one of a Luthier’s most useful woodworking hand tools.

So useful in fact, that Ben named his favourite bradawl 'Jessica' after his eldest niece.

This is an extremely sharp Bradawl with an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.  Crimson's signature tool handles with the faceted grip were developed and perfected over many years, during the first of Ben's shed iterations. He found that the various tools and files that he was using on a daily basis were uncomfortable to grip and sometimes painful to use for prolonged periods of time.  So he replaced the handles of his most used tools with the prototype wooden handle that has since become our signature model. 

This tool is used for marking positions for precise non-slip drilling. The hardened steel point is placed across the fibres of the wood, cutting them when pressure is applied. The bradawl is then twisted through 90 degrees which displace the fibres creating a hole. This cutting action helps to prevent the splitting of the wood along the grain.


  • 7cm (2.75") hardened steel shaft tapering to a fine point
  • Ergonomic wood handle
  • Hand applied lacquer finish and lightly buffed
  • Hand made in the UK

See our YouTube channel for more videos on how to get the most out of your new Crimson Guitars tool as well as a myriad of guitar building tutorials and demo videos.

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