2 Day Guitar Fretboard Inlay Course

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A 2-day intensive training course for those new to the art of fretboard inlay.  Under the tutelage of an experienced luthier at Crimson Guitars in the UK, learn how to prepare and cut your inlays, cut the cavities into your fretboard and glue the inlays in place.  You will end this course with a beautifully inlaid fretboard ready for you to fret.


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An intensive two-day course detailing the basics of inlaying custom designs into a guitar fretboard.

This includes cutting the pieces out, refining the shapes, cutting the channels the pieces sit in, glueing the components in and then re-levelling the fretboard down to a polished grit.

Learn these skills in a fully outfitted workshop with an experienced instructor and training assistant guiding you through each and every process.  We are there to answer all of your questions and ensure you leave with all of the knowledge needed to repeat the procedures covered on any instrument.

Please note that this process requires pulling the frets out of the instrument and due to time constraints we will not have much of an opportunity to go over fretwork so it is highly recommended you have a firm grasp of fretting before attempting this course.

Designs must be finali