An in-depth tutorial on re-fretting Kelly Jones’ SG.

Episode 1: Introduction, measuring, nut & fret removal

Ben talks about the guitar and the work required.  He then gauges the tactile elements of the fretboard; the action, and the relief before removing the nut and the frets.  Once the job is complete, this will allow him to set-up the guitar with the same feel that the artist prefers.

 Episode 2: Cleaning, levelling & preparing the fretboard

Here Ben cleans and levels the fretboard and prepares the fret slots for new frets.

Episode 3: Preparing & installing frets

Here Ben bends three lengths of fret wire to the appropriate radii for the fretboard’s compound radius.  He cuts the frets to size whilst keeping them ordered and then finally demonstrates proper installation technique.

 Episode 4: Bevelling & polishing fret ends

Ben shapes the fret ends and then demonstrates various techniques of polishing the ends to a finger friendly finish.

 Episode 5: Fret levelling

Ben ensures that all of the frets are perfectly level and without rock.  He then produces the correct fall-away angle from the 12th fret , enhancing the comfort and playability of the instrument.