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This premium super fast thin CA glue is a "wicking type" ethyl cyanoacrylate super glue. It;s watery thin, instant adhesive is commonly used to repair crack because of its ability to easily penetrate narrow spaces.

During inlay applications such as MOP inlays or powder inlays, the thin viscosity CA glue penetrates and stabilises the powder through capillary action. 

The use of Starbond Accelerator is advised when saturation of a porous object is unwanted. The instant cure will prevent Starbond Super Fast thin CA Glue from excessively soaking into the porous object, and preventing waste.

compatible with: 

- wood

- metal 

- rubber

- leather



-Rocks and Mineral

- Carbon Fiber

- Fiberglass

-PVC and most Plastics

Tips: when bonding two very smooth surfaces together, it is advisable to make the surface abrasive so they have more holding strength.

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