Kit Guitar Body - S-Type Finished with Black Rainbow Sparkle

Tremolo Options: No Tremolo Cavity
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Kit Guitar Body - S-Type Finished with Black Rainbow Sparkle

Please be aware that all of our kit guitars are currently being made to order and there will be a waiting period, we can also offer customisation on every kit guitar. For more information please contact

These UK made kits are produced by the same luthiers who build our production instruments, and the same care and attention to detail goes into every aspect of their production.

This S-type Kit Body is finished in a Black Polyurethane Gloss with an infusion of Micro-Rainbow Metallic Flakes.

Several years in the planning, Crimson has, at last, hit on just the right combination of sawdust, machines, ethically sourced timber, and highly skilled luthiers to bring you our new black rainbow sparkle sprayed body.


If you wish, you are able to choose a body that has been routed for a Tremolo.  Please leave a note when you place your order.

Left-handed versions of this Kit Body are available on request.  Please be advised that a left-handed kit would be classed as a special order - and therefore will take longer to be dispatched.  This is due to the fact that left-handed models are made to order.

Please note that the Pick-guard is not sold with the guitar, this was only used as a photographic example of what the guitar could look like.

This S-Type guitar body is made up of:

  • Ash body
  • a High Gloss Black Polyurethane with an infusion of Micro-Rainbow Metallic Flakes
  • hard wearing
  • smooth finish with a nice shine

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for video tutorials on how to effectively use this tool.  Coming soon.

We ship Worldwide, no exceptions!  Made in England

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