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    1 Day Guitar Maintenance / Repair Course

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    An intensive one day course covering the general maintenance and care of guitars.  This includes truss rod adjustments, setting the saddle heights, cutting nut slots to the correct depth, setting pickup clearance, intonation, fret polishing, restringing and cleaning the instrument.
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    Course guitar repair and maintenance fretting Course guitar repair and maintenance cutting frets
    An intensive two-day course covering many of the most common repair techniques needed to get instruments into a playable condition.  This includes removing frets, levelling the fretboard, re-fretting the instrument, and setting up the instrument to its most playable configuration.
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    Course guitar repair and maintenance fretting Fretting & inlay courses
    A 2-day intensive training course for those new to the art of fretboard inlay.  Under the tutelage of an experienced luthier at Crimson Guitars in the UK, learn how to prepare and cut your inlays, cut the cavities into your fretboard and glue the inlays in place.  You will end this course with a beautifully inlaid fretboard ready for you to fret.