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The finest guitars built in the heart of Dorset by the UK's most talented luthiers

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Start your luthiery journey with the finest tools on the market

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Bring your projects to life with our amazing range of stains and finishes

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Whatever your skill level, join the hundreds of other people in building the guitars of your dreams along side our production team, guided by our experienced teachers

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Boutique Guitars, Luthiers Tools & Training

Crimson Guitars, based in a customised factory in Dorset, is the premier UK manufacturer of both production and bespoke guitars to the highest of standards.

We also make a full range of all the tools and accessories a budding luthier could want in their journey of sawdust and music and are continuously improving on and adding to our custom designs.

We ship worldwide and are back at full capacity after the Covid-19 shutdowns in the UK.

In our hunt for perfection, we have grown into the largest guitar building school in the world, hosting up to 500 local and international students each year in purpose designed in house guitar making courses from 2 days long to 3 whole months.

While the luthiery school is still closed we expect to be open as usual in a few short weeks, we are still taking orders for and booking course dates though so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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6 Day Guitar Building Course
6 Day Guitar Building Course
Sale price£1,215.00 GBP
Luthier Tom - Teacher
5 Day Guitar Building Course
Sale price£985.00 GBP
2 week Guitar Building Course2 week Guitar Building Course
2 week Guitar Building Course
Sale price£1,765.00 GBP
2 Day Guitar Maintenance / Repair Course2 Day Course - fretboard inlay
1 Day Guitar Maintenance / Repair Course1 Day Course - fretboard Inlay
3 Month Guitar Building Course
3 Month Guitar Building Course
Sale price£4,945.00 GBP
3 Day Kit Guitar Building Course3 Day Kit Guitar Building Course
3 Day Kit Guitar Building Course
Sale priceFrom £950.00 GBP
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